Here You will understand how people cheat at Yahoo Chess site, How They made it, How to avoid them, or just simple : How to cheat at Yahoo as well.
Cheating at chess apparently has a long and proud history.  Wood cites Ruy Lopez’s 16th century advice to “arrange the board so that it reflects the light into your opponent’s eyes.”  He also passes along the historical suspicion that Napoleon would make illegal moves whenever he felt he was losing his chess game.  I suppose his opponents would overlook such gentle indiscretions, given the alternatives available for Bonaparte to assuage his wounded pride.
cheating at yahoo chess

One of the first thing that we should analize is the promise of all cheat program to make a dream come true; I have a perfect example here

(*********)  does more than play Yahoo chess…this chess auto puts you in league with the pros! If you’re one of the many chess players who is intimidated by chess, has a low rating, or just wants to learn how to play, then there is a perfect chess bot for you — (*******) Created specifically with you in mind, this chess cheat completes any job; need a Yahoo chess ratings boost, . Whether you want to use the advanced chess strategy to earn a 2100+ rating in the span of a day, or want something to offer you hints when you need them, this is the chess auto for you. (*******)is a chess cheat no Yahoo chess player should be without.
Honesty I will get it if I feel I need to satisfy my personal need. Besides who don’t want to kick ass in the chess room or a chess tournament.

How To Cheat Online Yahoo Chess

Cheating and winning games is a fun way of doing isn’t?. Beating world wide opponents needs a real class and brain, yeah!! I am talking about online yahoo chess. There are many tools available on web to cheat Y! chess and outsmart your partners but I am sure they aren’t for FREE!. Here’s a free and clean way of winning and keeping your rating high!
  1. First download a chess game for your O.S. or get it from here (700 KB).
  2. Open the Game (as shown), now if you are selecting white in yahoo online chess then you should select “computer” white in local game.
  3. Logic is quite simple…we will be computer and defeat the human lol.
I used the same technique no only at Yahoo chess server ;But any chess server that I allow You to play with in a range of time that you can feel comfortable.

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